Advantage DENTSPLY Implants

Implants by DENTSPLY Implants are exceptionally well documented and one of the fastest growing systems in the world today. When you choose dental implants from DENTSPLY Implants you have the reassurance of predictable, reliable, long-lasting results.

Family boatingBased on years of experience we have developed unique dental implant systems that work with the body’s natural healing power. The surface of the implant has been treated to generate more bone and speed up the healing process. The result is a strong, tight connection between the bone and the dental implant. In clinical studies our implant systems show unrivalled long-term results. It is well proven that dental implants from DENTSPLY Implants have bone- and gum-stimulating properties and help to maintain healthy bone levels and normal appearance of gums and facial structures.

Step by step procedures when replacing one or more teeth.